Brant and Gen

Our stay at the Zion * Bryce Midway 3-Story Cabin couldn't have been better. The house was super comfortable, extraordinarily clean, and fully equipped with everything we needed and more. We had luggage in the car and no place to leave it while we went on a hike, and Brant and Gen let us check in 4 hours early - that was so appreciated! We sat on the porch and looked out at the mountains in the distance, enjoying the breeze while drinking wine - it was perfect! Three bathrooms and two large TV's, as well as use of the washing machine - we couldn't have asked for anything more. The drives to Zion and Bryce were easy and scenic. Overall, it was a wonderful stay, and we wish there had been more days available - we would have stayed longer. We highly recommend this spot for those who want to just chill or divide their time between the two national parks.

Moraga, CA


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