From our vacation rentals off of Hwy. 89 to Bryce Canyon National Park - 22.6 miles (30 minutes)

Bryce Canyon has eight marked and maintained hiking trails that can be hiked in less than a day. Mossy Cave (one hour), Rim Trail (5–6 hours), Bristlecone Loop (one hour, Rainbow Point), and Queens Garden (1–2 hours, Sunrise Point) are easy to moderate hikes. Navajo Loop (1–2 hours, Sunset Point) and Tower Bridge (2–3 hours, north of Sunrise Point) are moderate hikes. Fairyland Loop (4–5 hours, Fairyland Point) and Peekaboo Loop (3–4 hours, Bryce Point) are strenuous hikes. Several of these trails intersect, allowing hikers to combine routes for more challenging hikes.

The most spectacular part of Bryce is the amphitheater. Hike down the Navajo Trail. If you combine the Navajo with the Queens trail it makes a 3-mile loop or if you add the 2-mile Peekaboo Loop where the Navajo and Queens meet it takes you around the stunning formations in the amphitheater. Go early (8am) when Visiting Bryce Canyon National Park during the months of June, July, and August. If you plan to eat dinner at the Bryce Pines which has fantastic food and I highly recommend be sure to arrive before 5pm because there can be very long wait times (over 1 hour) to get a table.

Need a nice place to stay during your visit to Bryce and Zion?

We have 6 unique vacation rentals (Yurts, Teepees, Cabins) available between Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.
Please contact us directly for specials and discounts.


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